Fleet Management
Asset Tracking
Mass Transit Management
People Tracking
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Fleet Management solution encompasses school buses, city cabs, passenger and commercial transportation, providing information, anytime, anywhere. Asset Tracking solution caters to Automobile, Aerospace and Industrial Manufacturers, Warehouse and Retail, Jewelry, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Industry, Healthcare Industry, IT Companies, Data Centers, Power & Energy sector, Banks and Financial Institutions, Document Tracking, Government and Real Estate. Mass Transit Management provides integrated solution with Tripod Gates and Trip Turn Barriers used at Metro Stations, Parking etc. The solution can make Highway Toll Collections automated and accurate. The solution can be extended to theme parks, theaters, exhibitions, events for fare payment. People Tracking solution assures people’s well being and safety in the time of crisis and evacuation, safely and securely. It helps track patients and new born in hospitals, people in government offices & museums and workers in the mines.
Business Process Consulting
Innovation Workshop
Pilot Execution
Enterprise Program
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Business Process Consulting offering is useful for enterprises who want to deploy RFID technology to improvise their processes to maximize their value and gain competitive advantage in the market. This workshop is targeted to stimulate innovation, as an important driver of change. It provides the means to improve business processes and products in order to reduce cost, faster execution and improved quality. This workshop is held when an organization wants to understand RFID. This offering is targeted at clients who want RFID Pilot implementation to experience RFID in their own business environment. This offering is targeted for enterprises that want to deploy RFID at scale and/or in different applications across the enterprise while managing the technology and optimize the cost company-wide.