This workshop is targeted to stimulate innovation, as an important driver of change. It provides the means to improve business processes and products in order to reduce cost, faster execution and improved quality. This workshop is held when an organization wants to understand RFID. This workshop focuses on current infrastructure for collection of data and delivery of services through everyday objects and industrial equipment. It gives overview of the technologies, challenges and opportunities offered by RFID.

The workshop aims at identifying RFID opportunities within the enterprise and draw benefit from adaptation of RFID. These workshops are a means for clients to explore the business potential of RFID and other technologies and to create ideas for innovations that will impact their bottom line. This is highly interactive sessions and technology trends are discussed focusing on the generation of ideas to improve business performance.

  • What is RFID ?
  • –RFID Technology

    –Market & Vendor Landscape

    –Sample Applications with Demos

  • Opportunity Areas and Business Benefits
  • –Drivers for Adoption & Business Challenges

    –Impact on IT and Enterprise Processes

    –Case Study

  • Custom Opportunity Assessment
  • –Discussion / Brainstorming Based on Client Context & Imperatives

    –Approach to RFID Projects

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