This offering is targeted at clients who want RFID Pilot implementation to experience RFID in their own business environment. The objective is to implement a customer specific RFID implementation in the client’s business environment to

• Define the RFID processes

• Define the RFID architecture

• Confirm the viability of the business case

• Prepare the scaling for an enterprise wide solution

Primary Areas of focus are:

Strategy: What are the strategic choices the organization needs to take in order to pave the way for the change and enjoy the highest benefit from an RFID initiative?

Processes: What are the current processes in places? Is there an opportunity to streamline them and potentially standardize them across the organization?

Change: What is the impact that the new/revised processes will have on the organization? What is the organization’s readiness to change?

Technology: What is the current technology infrastructure? Can this infrastructure support the change and, if not, what are the changes required (both in terms of hardware and software)?

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