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B-VIGIL virtual and real-time Asset Tracking solution can track any asset ensuring that parts misplacement is minimized, inventory is managed hassle free, manufacturing process is precise, assembly automation improved, business process are integrated and billing is automated helping our customers make more informed decisions.

B-VIGIL Asset Tracking Solution Features

  • Multiple User Support
  • User Login based on Rules and Access Control
  • Real Time Tracking – Accurately
  • Customizable web-based dashboard, reports and event triggers
  • Easy to deploy and integrate with client’s existing Asset Management software and other ERP systems

B-VIGIL virtual and real-time Asset Tracking solution Features
Hardware (RFID Readers and RFID Tags)
Industry Applications
  • Location Tracking
  • Asset Listing
  • Product Data and Value
  • System and Physical Inventory Count
  • Asset History
  • Read Multiple Tags simultaneously
  • Product Information in RFID Tags
  • Passive RFID Tags
  • Active RFID Tags
  • Fixed Readers
  • Mobile Readers
  • RFID for Healthcare – Tracking Medical Devices, New Born, Patients, Drugs
  • RFID for Enterprise Supply Chain Management – Tracking movement of material through out the supply chain process
  • RFID for Manufacturing of Automotive and Industrial Goods – Tracking and monitoring valuable assets and improvise assembly sequencing by integrating manufacturing process
  • RFID for Retail and Warehousing – Locating goods and managing inventory effectively
  • RFID for Aerospace and Defense – Tracking Aircraft components and Defense Equipments
  • RFID for Oil and Gas – Tracking high value assets in an Oil Rig or Gas Producing plant
  • RFID for Jewelry – Tracking precious jewellery and managing inventory on daily basis
  • RFID for IT and Corporate House – Tracking high value IT assets like laptops
  • RFID for Power & Energy – Tracking high value assets in Power Generation Plants
  • RFID for Data Centers – Tracking high value Data Centres and managing inventory in Banks and Financial Institutions and IT Companies
  • RFID for Document Tracking – Tracking and authenticating important documents throughout it’s life cycle
  • RFID for Government – Tracking confidential government assets and documents
  • RFID for Real Estate – Tracking and monitoring the inventory of construction equipments and assets
  • RFID for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul – Tracking high value maintenance machines and tools
  • RFID for Banks and Financial Institutions – Tracking Account Information, Credit Cards
  • RFID for Airport – Tracking passenger baggage from arrival to final destination

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