B-SMART Mass Transit Management solution boosts public transportation ridership and improves the efficiency of individual travel in the metropolitan with RFID enabled technology using single RFID enabled tickets for all mass transit system and providing real time arrival and departure information, thus reducing operation costs and improving passenger comfort.

B-SMART Mass Transit Management Solution Features

  • Real Time Arrival and Departure Time of Bus and Metro Rail on Terminals
  • Real Time Tracking to Terminal Managers to Monitor and Control the Traffic – increasing the usage of the transit system
  • Single RFID enabled tickets for all mass transit system, from entering the station for opening the gate till boarding the rail and exiting the destination station
  • RFID enabled tickets used for fare payment on “Pay as you Go” basis
  • RFID tickets can do authentication of validity, route etc.
  • User Login based on Rules and Access Control
  • Customizable web-based dashboard, reports and event triggers
  • Integrated with Phone and SMS to send alerts and notifications to commuters and terminal managers
  • Call to Emergency Services like Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments
  • Easy to deploy and integrate with client’s existing Fleet Management software and other ERP systems
  • Integration with Tripod Gates and Trip Turn Barriers used at Metro Stations, Parking etc.

B-SMART Mass Transit Management Solution Features
Hardware (GPS/GPRS and RFID Readers)
Industry Applications
  • Location Tracking of Bus
  • Idling time
  • Driver profile management and driving behaviors
  • Vehicle management and alerts (Servicing, Insurance, Pollution Checks, License and Permits)
  • SMS alerts
  • Vehicle Performance Reports
  • Fuel Management Reports
  • Late Arrival Report
  • Over Speeding Report
  • Route Violation Report
  • Mileage, Distance and Duration Report
  • Trip Summary Report
  • 2 Way communication between Driver and Terminal Manager
  • Theft Management with GPS tracking, Alarm/SOS button in tracker for emergency situations
  • Panic Button in case of emergency situations to send call / SMS to terminal office
  • Better response to emergency situations as the location of entire fleet can be monitored at all times
  • Capturing the actual travel data and considering this into the fleet scheduling
  • Built-in RFID Readers to validate RFID tickets through swipe at the time of entry / exit
  • Fare calculation based on daily/monthly passes
  • Integrated Phone and SMS features
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for hands free operations
  • Product Information in RFID Tickets
  • RFID for Mass Transit – Buses, Metro Rail
  • RFID for Automated Highway Toll Collections
  • RFID for Fare Collection, Access Control and Validation at theme parks, theaters, exhibitions, events etc.
  • RFID for Metro Stations and Bus Terminals for Real Time Arrival and Departure Time
  • RFID for Metro Stations, Parking, Theme Parks, Exhibition Centres etc for opening of Tripod Gates and Trip Turn Barriers

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