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B-ASSURED People Tracking solution tracks people and sends alerts to the concerned authorities, giving total peace of mind to parents, fleet owners and security department in corporate houses.

B-ASSURED People Tracking Solution Features

  • Multiple User Support
  • User Login based on Rules and Access Control
  • Real Time Tracking – Accurately
  • Customizable web-based dashboard, reports and event triggers
  • Integrated with Phone and SMS to send alerts and notifications to parents, security personnel and fleet managers
  • Call to Emergency Services like Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments
  • Easy to deploy and integrate with client’s existing HR Management software and other ERP systems

B-ASSURED People Tracking solution Features
Hardware (RFID Readers and RFID Tags)
Industry Applications
  • Location Tracking of School Bus
  • Late Arrival Report
  • Over Speeding Report
  • Route Violation Report
  • Mileage, Distance and Duration Report
  • Trip Summary Report
  • Pickup / Drop Report
  • Read Multiple Tags simultaneously
  • Product Information in RFID Tags
  • Passive RFID Tags
  • Active RFID Tags
  • Fixed Readers
  • Mobile Readers
  • RFID for Pupil Tracking in Schools
  • RFID for Tracking Employees in Corporate Houses while travelling between office and home
  • RFID for Patients and New Born tracking in Hospitals
  • RFID for People Movement and access control in restricted areas in Theme Parks, Events, Exhibitions etc.
  • RFID for Passenger Tracking at Airports from entry till boarding the airplane
  • RFID for Corporate Houses to track and verify employees and access control to restricted areas
  • RFID for Hotels, Government agencies and Corporate Houses for evacuation management
  • RFID for Mines to track workers working in mines

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