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June is National Microchipping Month, safegaurd your pets with RFID

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It will be here before you know it – June is National Microchipping Month which means animal support groups are raising awareness to highlight the benefits of RFID pet identification for dogs, cats and other companion animals.
The microchipping process is relatively straight forward. It involves inserting a small RFID transponder encased in a BIO glass tag beneath the animal’s skin. The chip is programmed following ISO standard with a unique pet ID number.
The microchip can be read with any scanner, and follow the link of the animal ID numbers to online pet databases to trace a lost or stolen animal and return it to its rightful owner. Official organization can also use the RFID microchip and add information to the database such as medical history, vaccination schedules, updated owner addresses and more.
Around the world, Switzerland now requires it for all dogs as well as horses and pet databases help national and local governments monitor pet populations, and hold all the necessary information to easily contact the pet owner if necessary. In the U.K., some dog groomers, animal shelters and local government entities have begun offering the microchipping service.

adminJune is National Microchipping Month, safegaurd your pets with RFID
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NYSE using RFID to esnure regulatory compliance

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Ensuring regulatory compliance is upheld, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is now implementing and RIFD solution to monitor and track the movement of e-broker devices on its New York trading floor.

The solution will consist of attaching Wi-Fi RFID tags to NYSE’s handheld e-broker devices to provide data and information about the location and status of the devices, and enable NYSE to monitor broker compliance with exchange trading rules.

NYSE and NYSE Annex rules state that brokers are to trade equities and options in separate trading environments, thereby restricting the movement of brokers and the handheld devices they use between trading floors.

With the RFID solution any device that illegally crosses between different areas will be identified using automated alerts. Traders and their device locations will also be displayed on monitors using viewing software.

adminNYSE using RFID to esnure regulatory compliance
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RFID Helping hospitals improve patient safety and enhance patient care

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Leading RFID players announced an all-in-one solution of sorts designed for hospital tracking, from assets to patients to patient data.
For tracking patients and patient data, the RFID development kit is made up of of non-allergic wristbands, handheld readers and high-frequency desktop readers. The handheld reader is designed to receive patient information in real time, while the desktop version programs the wristband before distribution.
Asset tracking tags are also included in the kit, along with handheld readers and the high-frequency desktop readers. This combination of hardware and software provides inventory information that enables a nurse, doctor and technicians to locate equipment quickly and efficiently.
With the RFID hospital tracking solution, hospitals will have the necessary information made available to them regarding patients and medical equipment, and in real time. Thus, the patient safety is enhanced and the patient care is improved in time

adminRFID Helping hospitals improve patient safety and enhance patient care
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